Infinity Metaverse set in the future world of the 24th century, where death is no longer the limit for humanity. Every consciousness as well as the soul is encoded into a new form of matter capable of being conveyed to substitutes for the old body or transported across all galaxies in the vast universe.

Join to Infinity Metaverse, you will be immersed in a colorful virtual world where you can do everything to earn money such as participating in fleets of space exploration, transforming into a miner to dig minerals in some asteroid, join a space race or simply become an Angel to fight for the reward of ING_an interstellar currency across the Infinity Universe.

Infinity Angel is chapter first of the Infinity Metaverse. This is the end of the world of Infinity after the opposition "Ghastz" destroyed the entire Angel civilization as well as human space technology. Ghastz believers that immortality is for creators, not humans.

Infinity Angel - where you can transform into Angels to repel the attacks of the Ghastz faction to regain the earth.

Angel actually are human consciousness encoded into new matter (a digital halo) and angel bodies are essentially just a vessel designed to have military-grade combat capabilities.

Infinity Angel is a real-time online battle arena game that combines Moba and Action elements. This game uses 3d design graphics with 3rd person perspective, in the near future you can use VR devices to participate in combat with extremely stimulating 1st person perspective.

You should think of a good strategy before you start because the fiercest battle is waiting for you from the moment Infinity Angel brings you to the fight against the Ghatz faction.

Play for free, play for money!

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