🆓Free to Play

To make it easy for all traditional players to also access and participate in Infinity Angel gaming, we decided to build a Free to Play model and players don't need any investment to play the game.

In any game, especially online fighting games like Infinity Angel, the more players, the better the battle.

Beginners will be given a normal angel to play with and can be earned in-game tokens when you play up to a certain rank, and reach the top rank. You can earn enough points/token to unlock more high-class angels or buy new outfits on Infinity Angel Marketplace to increase battle power.

For the normal playing style, players can participate in the following game experience activities:

  • Participate in PVE activities to collect EXP to increase your character's level and be able to hit higher levels. During the game can collect a lot of Gold and Meth

  • In addition, when players reach enough level, they can also participate in Boss raid activities to earn more Gold and Meth

  • Gold and Meth can be used to buy and collect costumes for champions as well as minions (companion soldiers) to increase strength as well as tactics for PVP matches.

  • Besides, players when participating in PVP activities can get ranking rewards with free tokens and can develop into earning players.

Difference between Angel and Angel Premium :

  • Angels offer less chance to earn tokens than Angel Premium.

  • You cannot buy, sell or trade a angel for free;

  • Free angels cannot participate in special events;

  • Free Angels cannot be traded in the marketplace.

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