💰Play to Earn

Play to earn in Infinity Angel

You can completely earn money without investing money in the game, by using Free Angels (Normal) to participate in battles and when you rank at the top you will receive a reward of INC token in the game of Infinity Angel. You can also sell INC token peer-to-peer to the market or use it to open more premium angels and this will take a long time.

If you want to get results faster, upgrade your angel, players can grow by accumulating INC earned from activities or can speed up the process by buying NFTs from the box or marketplace.

  • P2E players can go to the marketplace to buy NFTs with BUSD/ING through the free market.

  • You can participate in all game activities besides P2E players can also participate in Earn activities directly at the R-i research room feature.

  • You can send angels NFT into R-I research institute to earn INC. In addition, you can also use Premium Angel to participate in various special events to earn extra INC token rewards. If you want more, hone your skills and conquer the leaderboards.

  • In addition, when players buy NFTs on the marketplace, you will be able to own the full set immediately without having to plow through gold/meth to collect each individual item for a long time.

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