JoonYoung Park

· Neowiz Games Co., Ltd. : 3D Animator3D Animator

· Project "Dizzel" Senior ArtistSenior Artist / Dreamapps

· Project "Chase"

· Project "O, X" IaMTEK : Lead Artist / Project ManagerLead Artist / Project Manager

· Project "Ant"

· Far East University : Part-time Professor / Taught 3D Animation, Game Graphic Design, Photography, and English.

· Creative X : Team Lead / Project Management

· Worked as team leader of Content Design Team 3, Graphic Design Team and also the IT Team.

· CT Planning : Producer

· Project Virtual Celeberity Project Inventis : Team Lead Manager

· Real-time 3D Configurator

· Project Next-Generation Content Headquarter XRSafe (VR/AR Safety education content platform)

· My School (Online Education Metaverse Platform, In development)

Jung Jun-Woo

· Hanyang University / Graduated from Law Department

· MECCA PC Bang / CEO / Development PD Comocom / development team leader

· I&O Communication / business general Director

· Intro D&I / development director MK Game Jin

· Business general director Dream App

· CEO Greenland / Development PD

Shin Kyung-kyung

· Research Fellow, Korea Management Research Institute Professor, Graduate School of Business, Kwangwoon University

· Professor at Sejong University Graduate School of Business

· Deputy Director of Center for Convergence Startup Entrepreneurs Center Director

· Asan Nanum Foundation Entrepreneurship Center Asan Nanum Foundation Entrepreneurship

· Team Leader Special Professor at Hanyang University Global Entrepreneur Center Research FellowEconomic Research Institute,

· Industrial Bank of Korea Lecturer at Hanyang University (Graduate School of Business, Social Education, Graduate School of Engineering) Senior Researcher,

· Technology Policy Research Center, Korea Industrial Technology Foundation Lecturer at Hanyang University Business School Senior Researcher,

· Korea Venture Research Institute Creative Consultant Co., Ltd. (strategy and organization field)

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