Minion Parts

When entering the battle, you will have minions to accompany your Angel to supplement the battle.

  • The minion parts system in the game: Nearly 100 fullset minions.

  • Players can buy each minion puzzle piece to form a full set minion parts at the in-game shop (Non-NFT).

  • To buy NFTs minion parts, players can buy on NFT marketplace or buy through unbox.

  • Minion parts levels: Tier 1 → Tier 2 → Tier 3 → Tier 4 → Tier 5.

  • Minion parts will have corresponding Effets, and have a durability limit for PVE matches that have the ability to seek INC.

  • Using a minion parts while research (R-I) will increase the time it can be researched in R-I based on the rarity of the minion parts.

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