Infinity Angel has 25 character including 5 Angel and 5 Tier.

Players can immediately experience Angel free in Tier 1 (Non-NFT). If you want to own more Angel, you can buy by game money at the in game shop. However, Angel purchased at the in-game shop is Non-NFT, this Angel cannot participate in the R-I (Research Institute) function and cannot trade on the NFT marketplace.

To participate in the R-I function, can earn more INC, Players can purchase Angel NFT in NFT marketplace. Players have 2 ways to buy Angel NFT:

  • Players can buy Angel NFT directly on the NFT marketplace.

  • Players can buy Box and unbox to receive any Angel.

Angels Information

  • Alice: top Angel of the Rastavel sect. It is a Angel characterized by excellent defense and strength. Player can engage enemies and use powerful combos to engage in stable battles. In particular, it has a special appearance at close range. This is Angel free.

  • Ceci: top Angel of the Amoras sect. It is a Angel with a long range and optimized maneuverability. Player can enjoy flexible battles that adapt to the situation with skills with various debuffs.

  • Emily: top Angel of the Talissimo sect. A Angel that uses a more strategic combo attack by installing a Sub Osiris. Mobility is a bit low, but if you use high-level tactics, it will boast superior firepower than anyone else.

  • Bestie: top Angel of the Decarabi sect. A Angel that stands out for its strength and propulsion. It specializes in chasing using a powerful charge, and shows a powerful figure that drives the enemy to the limbs with a continuous tarot without rest.

  • Dasha: top Angel of the Dia Bella sect. A Angel that uses ion energy to use a unique technique. Its defensive abilities are somewhat inferior, but it has a unique battle that confuses enemies with unexpected attack patterns to claim victory.

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