Infinity Angel Eng


Wide range of skins covering a variety of styles, can be purchased with Gold/Meth/ING or through the NFT exchange.
Costumes purchased with Gold/merit are collectible, purchase individually and are not NFT.
Costumes purchased with ING through Equipment Box will be costume fullset and are NFT.
All Costumes when worn as a set have the same bonus features and stats, however, if you own an NFT Costume, you will gain additional stats when participating in INC earning activities such as research in R-I.
  • The costume system in the game: Nearly 100 fullset skins.
  • Fullset NFT costumes can be purchased through unbox or on the NFT marketplace.
  • Costume levels: Tier 1 → 2 → 3 → 4 → 5.
  • Costumes will have Basic Effet (basic effects) and Passive skills respectively, and have a durability limit (Durability) for PVE battles with the ability to earn INC tokens.
  • Using costumes while research (R-I) will increase the possibility of earn INC tokens in R-I based on the rarity of the skin.
Last modified 11mo ago