Battle PvP

PVP : This is a PVP mode simulated by the MOBA genre, with 2 options 1vs1 and 3vs3.
Regardless of the level and rank of weapon, the same stats are applied, so a fair and diverse strategy can be deployed. '
Gold / Merit is obtained as a reward for battle. “You can get more rewards in the Premier League.
  • Gold/ Merit is used to recruit Angels, and to purchase weapon, costumes, and minions at shop in game ( Non-NFT).
  • Battle points obtained according to the battle results Battle points are reflected in the PvP ranking.
  • Equipment and bonus items will not be supported in this mode, creating fairness for players.
  • There is a chance to receive Gold and Merit after each match, in addition to adding ranking points.
  • Every 1 month season, based on the performance of the leaderboard can receive ING tokens.
Last modified 1yr ago